UPDATE: 03 November 2020

VOCfm twitter page recently provided an update on the abuse accusations at the Al Azhar high school in Paarl.

The accused consulted the imam of Paarl on Wed 28 Oct and tendered his written resignation with immediate effect in order to protect the good name of the school. The BOG accepted his resignation. VOC News is awaiting comment from the South African Council of Educators.

According to the board, the educator produced a national police clearance certificate and SACE certificate when he was hired this year. The BOG consulted the MJC and the WCED in the matter and confirmed that the accusations made, refers to an incident that allegedly took place at another school two years ago and not at Al-Azhar Institute of Paarl where no cases have been reported. The accused was not trialled and convicted. The board said it had invited the accused to an investigation meeting which he declined.

The Al-Azhar Institute of Paarl says it “acted in the best interest” of learners and the reputation of the school and community in how it handled sexual abuse accusations against one of its educators. The board of governors says they learned about the accusations on social media.

28 October 2020

Voice of the Cape News, recently reported this story on their Twitter account – @VOCfm

More cases of alleged abuse are starting to surface, with a Paarl high school teacher now being accused of rape & sexual molestation.  A Facebook post doing the rounds since Sunday night accused the man of “being involved with teenagers and statutory raping them”.

The post called on other victims to come forward and speak out.  

VOC News is trying to ascertain whether charges have been laid against the individual. In a statement, the Paarl Muslim Jamaah said it does not condone such acts will dissociate itself from “unlawful behaviour.” It said the institution where the teacher is currently teaching is situated on the premises owned by the PMJ, but that the institution operates totally independently, and that all appointments are done by the Board of Governors of the institution.

The PMJ has asked for written feedback from the institution regarding immediate disciplinary action intended to be taken by the educational institution. VOC News is awaiting comment from the chairman of the board of governors of Al Azhar high school in Paarl.

Al Azhar high school later clarified that an alleged victim of sexual abuse is not a learner and was never at the school. It comes after a male perpetrator, said to be a teacher at the school, was outed on social media on Sunday.

Police are currently investigating the allegations. Speaking to VOC News, Al Azhar high principal Rashida Cupido reassured that no child has been affected at school. She says the school has been receiving a flood of calls from concerned parents. The school is currently considering what disciplinary steps will be taken against the teacher accused. She has urged the public to allow the internal processes to be followed.

Source – VOCfm Twitter

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