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TVG Interview: Myles Minnaar

4 May 2022

Myles interviews ‘The Village Guy’ who tells us a bit more about what the vision was and where it is now. Enjoy the video. Video Credit: Jeremeo Le Cordeur

The Village Guy Show

7 June 2022

Host: Myles Feature: DSV Launch Lifestyle: Judite goes Jazz Dance Classes Sports: Highlights

Video Credit: Sunflower Seeds Project

TVG Interviews: Karate Kumite Champion

17 June 2022

Host: Myles Minaar and Guest: Jamie Kock

Recently one of Paarl’s Youth was chosen to represent South Africa in Croatia nd the World Champions. We were lucky to get Jamie just before Croatia:

Video Credit: Sunflower Seeds Project

TVG Paarl Tourism: Afrikaans Taal Monument

2 July 2022

Host: Myles Minnaar and Tour Guide: Veronique Daniels

We have recently started looking at building a tourism platform for Paarl and Wellington. We are excited to get there. We are open to building Corporate Packages where we do exclusive company videos as well. Click Here to View Video on Facebook.

Video Credit: Sunflower Seeds Project


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