In then early 1900s Paarl was SA’s biggest wagon manufacturer! It was so big that there were nearly 90 various models of wagons manufactured in Paarl. The Judge, The Humpata Wagonette, The Transvaaler, Ralli Cart, Hunter, Caledonian, Freestater, Spartan, Reliance, Italian, Doctor’s Buggy, Scotchman, Fauresmith Wagonette and Kroonstad Wagonette, were names of these wagons. Paarl wagon making played a significant role in road transport in SA, and the quality of the Paarl wagons was so good that orders were placed from all over the world and even led to the placing of orders by Italian dictator Benito Mussolini. The Howitzer guns used by South African forces in World War II had carriages made in Paarl. On an 18th century map a “wamaker” (wainwright) was marked in the valley of the Berg River, today Wellington still has a place named “Wamakersvallei” (wainwright valley). Some of these 100 year old and older wagons are on display at the De Poort Museum. There are some of the original tools, some real cool pieces of history, and artefacts on display, something really worth having a look at! If you like a quick history lesson of Paarl wagon building, then pop in at De Poort! #proudlypaarl#historyofPaarl

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