Class of 2018 has moved on to their future plans , but many of them finish school without knowing exactly what it is they want to do with their lives. Instead of going straight to university, many seek ‘gap years’ or just a break from school either to find themselves, or to put their feelers out and see what is out there to venture into. Many times this is the perfect ingredient to finding ones interest, and pursuing it.

There are some awesome opportunities that could be of interest, as well as various bursaries available. I received a view links and did some research to make it a bit easier for you.

Its really concerning that we have so many big companies in Paarl with very few providing internships, bursaries and apprenticeship programmes.

Here are some internships, volunteer programmes and bursaries in Paarl – disappointingly there are not many, but this is what I found:

Novus Holdings(Paarl Media Trust)

Athlone Institute Bursary

ozBlu Academy


Volunteer Programme

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