I’ve given up on watching TV series. They are just so many good ones, at the same time, that I couldn’t keep up. I think the 1st series I watched from season 1 until the last season, was 24 with Jack Bauer. I used to have weekend marathons watching Jack save the world. After 24, a few other series caught my attention that kept me busy for quite some time. I wanted to watch the most amount of episodes in the least amount of time, even going to the extent of watching it at a faster speed around 1.5 times faster than normal. The music sounds a bit funny, but the dialogue is clear. This shaved off around 5 minutes per 40 minute episode. I was winning.

Last year June, I called it quits. I stopped watching series. It felt like I was chasing my own tail. Always trying to stay up to date, downloading episodes daily, watching episodes faster, and losing a lot of sleep. New series released monthly, so many to watch, and, and, and. I was busy watching Suits, one of my favourites, and stopped. Lucky for me, at that time I completed all 5 seasons of Breaking Bad, my all-time best, otherwise I think I would be singing a different tune.

Today, I don’t watch a single series. Although always in company where series are discussed and spoils are galore, I don’t think I am missing out. I get a brief overview of the series by listening to discussions, and on the internet, but do not feel the need to start watching them.

However, a big however. If Breaking Bad returns, I will definitely watch it. A few other series that are of interest, and if the bug bites, I will definitely start chasing my tail again by watching: Flash, Power, Suits, Game of Thrones, Empire, The Fixer, Homeland and House of Cards. Just by looking at that list, I will probably never get to watch any them, bearing in mind that new series will be introduced monthly, that I might as well not start at all.

I also believe, if a series reaches its 4th season, it’s too long. How Greys Anatomy gets it right to still make each episode a tear jerker, I don’t know. At the end of the day, these series really take your mind off life’s issues, and makes you forget about them for a while, which for me is a perfect excuse to watch series.

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