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Last week for Paarl, was school boy rugby, school boy rugby and, also some school boy rugby.  Paarl hosted the first ever week long World School Rugby Festival, and only good news is out there, so well done to all involved.  One of the headlines I saw was that Paarl Boys High were defeated in their first loss for quite some time.  But I will rather let the professionals give you a report – World School Rugby Festival

Our junior and senior local athletes have been making waves, nationally and internationally.  The Boland junior athletes came 3rd in the overall medal standings at the ASA U18 & U20 Championship at Dal Josaphat Stadium last week.  Check out the medal tally here – Boland Junior Athletes Medals

Our senior athletes are also busy making waves at the Commonwealth Games taking place in Australia.  With Henricho earning a silver medal, after Akina Simbine, in the 100m mens final.  Watch the race – Henricho Bruintjies 100m final.  Nolan Hoffman also competed in the 40km track point race, but somehow did not finish the race.  All eyes are now on LuvoManyonga and Ruswahl Samaai in the long jump, and Clinton Hendricks in the road cycling.

Some interesting conversations on Facebook
Over the past week I came across to interesting Facebook posts which is relevant to Paarl, screenshots below.  The first is from Funky Buddha owner, Newton September, regarding the policing of patron vehicles that visit the club (Check out the thread –  Funky Buddha Thread).

The second was a thread regarding DJs and their role in the marketing/promotion of music or tracks that they include in their sets. Initially I thought it will be an informative discussion, but then it went downhill!! DJ Conversation Thread


Last week we had 3 interesting Movers and Shakers of Paarl interviews. If you missed them, go check them out: Terence Abrahams, Amy Jones and Tamaryn Green – Movers and Shakers of Paarl

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