Kids and Technology

We have strict rules at home when it comes to time with a ipad, xbox gaming and playing with mom or dads cellphone.  Of course we had to create these rules because that’s all the kids wanted to do.  And now that its out of sight and playing time is limited,, they hardly ever bother asking for it.  As a parent I have become very conscious with sitting around browsing on my cellphone, as the kids see this and think its a way to pass time, or even to have fun.  With the help of Pinterest we created a Lego type playing table, which actually keeps them busy for hours.

It is easy to plonk your kid in front of a screen to keep them busy and for mom and dad to have some quiet time, i did it and it worked, but the problem comes when you have to take the screen away from them, when all the time you are the one giving it to them.

I came across this clip, and it made me realize that as  a parent I need to put in more effort to get out of the house and let the children experience nature, as I did when I was growing up.

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