Energy Analyst Chris Yellend, had a few questions answered by the ESKOM Spokesperson on the current loadshedding South Africans are experiencing, as well as in respect of Eskom diesel supplies for the emergency diesel driven open cycle gas turbines (OCGT) at Gourikwa and Ankerlig.

The responses are very worrying – especially for businesses!

Question: Has diesel for the Eskom OCGTs run out?

Answer: Yes, the diesel tanks have physically run out, and the diesel tanks for the Eskom OCGTs are empty.

Question: When will the diesel for the OCGTs will be replenished?

Answer: Not until 1 Apr 2023 at the earliest, or until someone provides Eskom with more money for procurement of diesel, noting the Eskom spend overrun on diesel to date is 2x budget for the current financial year.

Question: Has additional diesel been ordered?

Answer: No. Question: When does the ship dock at Mossel Bay and Cape Town? Answer: Nothing is currently on order by Eskom or outstanding for delivery to Eskom. 

Question: Who will pay for the diesel as Eskom has indicated that it has no money for this?

Answer: Unknown. But nothing is currently on order by Eskom or outstanding for delivery to Eskom.

Question: How long is it expected that the Edkom OCGTs will be unavailable?

Answer: At least until 1 April 2023, unless someone comes up with the money for Eskom, and diesel is ordered, delivered and paid for.

Question: Can you confirm how many litres of diesel has Eskom burned this calendar year to date?

Answer: As many litres as R11bn could buy.

Question: What is the estimated litres of diesel burned by electricity customers in SA this year to date in standby generators that operate to cope with Eskom loadshedding? Answer: Unknown.

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