Hi and welcome.

After 9 months of planning, preparing and collecting data I am happy to introduce you to my new baby, The Village Guy.

Over time I realised that our world is run by content. Content on the internet, content on social media and content we come across in our daily lives through human interaction.  This has always fascinated me and I feel obligated to share all this content.

In addition to the above, I also further realised that information needs to be at a click of a button.  By this I mean that if you can Google anything and everything, why not have a Village Hub to narrow your search to a specific town making your search much more easier.

Paarl is inhabited by over 120 000 people. Can you imaging the amount of content shared and available from all these people, which you can use to your benefit, making your life convenient? Because at the end of the day, everybody wants information now, and I want to make this possible.  I WANT TO MAKE IT CONVENIENT

Apart from my blog which is this sites main purpose, I also will include a business directory for all those small businesses that need a bit of exposure.  During the 9 months of data collecting I was amazed by the amount of businesses we have in the village who are unheard of, but have a high level of professionalism and deliver an excellent service.  I WANT TO GIVE THESE GUYS EXPOSURE

Paarl also has a very rich heritage and history, and as a scholar of history, I want you to get to know your village better.  There are many untold stories about our village that todays’ generation will never know about and will soon be forgotten.  I WANT TO TELL YOU ABOUT THIS HISTORY

Paarl is bursting with talent, opportunity and possibility; which needs to grasped with both hands and exploited to the benefit of the village. I WANT TO MAKE THIS HAPPEN

Paarl has a very high sport and recreational interest; and many talents go unannounced.  These talents need to showcased. I WANT TO SHOWCASE THIS

Not to forget about our wine and food. Probably of the best in the world – THIS NEEDS TO BE ADVERTISED.

In the end, all I want is a community that works hard together, plays hard together – to the benefit of the villagers!

I look forward to keeping you informed & entertained all the time!



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