This month my interview with Kyknet’s KLOP was aired on national TV.

My biggest challenge was to keep it a secret for more than 2 months.

However, now that it has been aired, I can tell more about my experience.

In April this year I flew up to Johannesburg for the interview that took place at the amazing Stark Studios in Randburg, what an amazing place.  The building is something else!  The look, the feel, everything about it makes you feel like you have entered a place of a media powerhouse!

Walking around, and immersing myself in the surroundings, dinner is served on the outdoor patio overlooking Johannesburg.

On various walls you see Binnelanders posters up. The series is shot in the same studios!

Immediately after dinner Im whisked away to the make-up room, a room you only see on TV with mirrors on every wall, and powdered and freshened up.

Shortly afterwards, Im lead into the studio! This was that ‘pinch-myself’ moment!

Wow, wow, wow!!! talk about dreams coming true, seeing the studio, was my dream come true!

Cameras, lights, TVs, crew!  Everything that I dream of is right in front of me, and the experience is something I will never forget! Goose bumps arrive, and I stand in awe!

It is a studio that I can touch and feel, a studio that I want! A million lights hanging over head, lights at each and every angle, TVs on every wall, and cameras on the floor in every corner.

Briefed by the crew, mic’d up, I watch as the presenter speaks to a moving camera with a teleprompter, and practices his lines and introduction.

Everything is on the second. From intro, to lights camera and action – its amazing!

My turn is up, and I head over to the couch – TV at the back, TV in the front, and TV on the side – Im seeing myself in a 360 view, its amazing!

The interview is brief, succinct, and to the point.  No prepared questions, no prepared answers – its fluid, its fast and its fun!

The standout for me in this experience, is that seeing a studio like the Stark Studios makes it possible to achieve! I can see myself owning a studio like it, and I now I know what to work towards.

I would like to thank Kyknet for the privilege to see what is possible, and having me on the show!

If you missed the interview, they placed it on YouTube:

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