In February 2021 Junaid was suspended as a Western Province Rugby Football Union President (WPRFU) executive member, following accusations by Zelt Marais (Suspended WPRFU President) that he leaked confidential information of correspondence between French club Stade Français Paris and WPRFU.

Junaid suspension happened on the day that he was to be appointed CEO of the Union.

He was acquitted on all three charges, namely:
1. That he leaked confidential information with the media;
2. That he was in breach of the union’s Code of Conduct;
3. That he made harmful statements about Zelt Marias.

Tony McKeever, the former CEO of the Southern Spears, has also been included in the saga after he has publicly indicated his ambition to become president of the Union.

According to rugby365 website, The actual ‘leak’ has not been confirmed, but it would not be a surprise if McKeever’s draft media release was the actual leak.

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