The Pearl Valley Owners Association are heading to the Western Cape Hight Court to challenge Pearl Valley Investment’s new development called ‘The Acres’

The Acres development consists of several one hectare Gentleman’s Estates, larger acre stands ( 4040m²) as well as 700m² stands.

News24 reported that Home Owners Association are unhappy with the new development which could incorporate 165 new families into their facility – 165 potential golfers on the signature Jack Nicklaus golf course; 300 more family vehicles in the estate and 500 more users of the clubhouse, gym and swimming pool.

Here is a promo clip of The Acres

The Acres is situated on the Pearl Valley side of Val de Vie Estate.

The HOA claims that developers pushed ahead with incorporating The Acres, despite the HOA being under the impression that any such proposal “would be presented to homeowners for consideration and voting”.

Instead, they were told by the PVI in April that the incorporation would go ahead:

Pearl Valley has 572 levy payers – 489 residential units, 66 sectional title golf lodges, one farm and 16 hotel levies. Of these, PVI owns less than 1% of levy-paying units and less than 0.2% in value, according to the trustees.

A special vote was then held in June and there were 5 156 votes in favour of the incorporation and 226 against. However, PVI holds 5 000 votes and used all of those in favour, meaning around 60% of HOA members voted against the resolution.

The Pearl Valley HOA and Pearl Valley Investments are set to lock horns in court on October 11.

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