The Real GTA

Grand Theft Auto V is probably one of my favourite open-world action games.  Although at certain stages of the game I felt that the side missions were taking up too much of my game time, it nevertheless impressed me on all levels.

I never managed to complete all side missions, but finished all main missions, without the help of a single walk-through. As a family man I have limited time indulging in this hobby and therefore have to make the most of my time to complete a game.

A few of my favourite open-world games are, in specific order:

1. All the Splinter Cell releases, I love this game;

2. Alone in the Dark

3. Alan Wake

4. Batman Arkham Series

5. Tombraider, to mention a few.

If I really had to sit down and think, the list will be quite long.


I came across this clip – The Real Life GTA – and found it very impressive. Have a look!

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