My 9 to 5 job allows me to do quite a bit of travel, and part of this travel includes long drives through rural farmland areas.  Something that has caught my attention while travelling, is a wind turbine.  A business trip that I have to do at least 3 times a month takes me past a few of these wind turbine farms.

I was always amazed at how these turbines are installed, the costs of the installation, as well as how they actually work.  What further intrigued my fascination, was the fact that these machines could lead us to a situation where we do not need to rely on ESKOM.  For this reason I decided that I needed to know more, as you know and have also experienced, that load-shedding is here and it is here to stay, while its executive management pocket millions in bonuses.

In doing my further research, I found this video clip which shows how these turbines are installed, and boy was I amazed.  In short, A wind turbine is a device that converts kinetic energy from the wind into electric power.

As part of the Renewable Energy Programme SA has 11 of these wind farms, which clearly shows that the reliance on ESKOM may be coming to an end. Oh happy days…

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