If your kids are into gaming, and are always nagging for the next new monitor, gaming keyboard or mouse, or the next big online game, take them to ATK Gaming for a gamers paradise. 

Fortnite, Call of Duty, Amoung Us, Rocket League, Roblox and Minecraft and many many many more games are available to play, with some decent internet speeds. 

The space includes the best of the best. Monitors, racing rigs and online gaming with friends.

Very reasonable with their prices, you could spend some time in silence in their coffee lounge area, while your kids will be immersed into any game that they ever dreamed of playing.

Its really an awesome place for your kids who love gaming. 

Here are some photos of the inside of ATK Gaming.
Visit them on Facebook and Instagram to see what they have to offer: @atkarena 

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