With the summer weather reaching a peak in the Boland and the fact that we living under water restrictions, Val du Charron is the perfect place for the kids to cool down.

Val Du Charron, surrounded by the Wellington mountains has of the best scenery and views. But I think the highlight is more for the kids than for the parents.

The estate has a mini water play park for the kids. It has 5 water structures that spray variant pressure of water that will keep your kids entertained and cool, while you can keep an eye on them and enjoy probably some of the best variety of gin cocktails.

Whats I like about the place, is that kids can enjoy themselves, as much as the parents. There is enough room for the kids to get rid of all their energy, and they have a very reasonably priced kids and adult menu which includes all the kiddie favourites.

This is a good place to visit when the winelands enjoys 35 plus degrees of sunshine!

Have a look at their website:


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