In 2018 I started The Village Guy platform to tell the stories of residents of Paarl and Wellington who have, and are fulfilling their dreams and passion through hard work.

The idea behind telling these stories was to inspire hope and spread some positivity throughout our communities, especially for kids to be able to see that anything is possible through hard work and dedication.

Over the years it has evolved to topics of history, engaging conversations, employment opportunities, liftclub, sport scores and results, news, and my favourite The Paarl Business Lab.

This platform has given me so much joy to see its positive impact, and to be able to showcase all the achievements of ordinary people in our community.

This year The Village Guy is 5 years old! A 5 year journey that has been the most fulfilling years of my time on earth!

It is also a significant year, as I have achieved to attract 40 000 followers who allow me to have a truly engaging and platform.

The Village Guy is 5 years old, with 40 000 followers – This makes me happy!

Im so excited of what the future holds!

Thank you to all of you who have made the past 5 years so much fun, and fulfilling!



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