We hosted our first show for 2022 at Workshop17, and at the start I felt a bit nervous, but a few minutes in it was all systems go!

Our first guest, Sister Nel, runs a mobile clinic in Paarl. I’m sure you have seen the blue caravan in various car parks in Paarl.

I invited her to the show to find out more about her fairly new initiative. The mobile clinic makes healthcare more afforadable and accessible. They provide an variety of services at very affordable rates.

I think this is ideal for businesses who want their employees to received healthcare and not have to use a day off or most part of the working day.

Even more interesting, Sister Anel worked in Iraq for 2 months. The conversation of her experience was so interesting!

Our second guest was Engela Dunage, author of a fascinating book called Inventors, Bright Minds and Other Science Heroes of South Africa. Judite chatted to her about the book and what her future plans are.

Her books are a available at various Bookshops and also available in Afrikaans.

Our last interview was with the guys Jesswill Baker and Lorenzo Joshua behind the 2022 Global Ambassador SA who recently had their first pageant in the Paarl Town Hall.

We found out more about the pageant, chatted to the models, and their plans for the future!

It’s so cool to be back having conversations with people in our communities doing amazing things and following their dreams and passion!

Join us on Friday morning 8am for another exciting show!

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