Our recent Morning Show we had 2 exciting guests, as well as some really cool music to usher us into the weekend!

We chatted to musician Kyrah Adams, who recently participated in the 2021 National Youth Festival and walked with the as the winner of the Other Orchestral Instruments Category, playing the xylophone/marimba.

She also told us about her big dream to start playing rugby, and where her dream venue to play her xylophone is.

Shane Titana also joins us to speak about his Human Nature Project and what is keeping him busy! Find out why he is called the “pad guy” and how you can get involved with assisting Shane to fulfill his dream!

We end off the show with local band Jakkal the Bones to get the weekend started!

What an awesome show, good conversation, good entertainment!

Join us on Tuesday morning 8am – live on Facebook in studio at Workshop17

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