Several of our local Paarl athletes completed ‘the world’s most beautiful marathon’, the 56km 2019 Two Oceans Marathon over the Easter Weekend.

The athletes who completed included first -timers, amateurs and novices.

Here is the list I managed to draw up wit the information provided to me by fellow runners.

Cailey BREDENKAMPFemale4:57:08
Jacolet VAN DEN BERGFemale5:12:00
Liza RETIEFFemale5:32:36
Kathy FORSSMANFemale5:42:25
Ida CALITZFemale5:53:45
Ree VAN ZYLFemale5:59:22
Henriette MANEFELDTFemale5:59:29
Sandra NELFemale6:08:13
Gaynore DUTHIEFemale6:19:00
Joan CUTHBERTFemale6:23:54
Tanja SWARTFemale6:24:04
Mariska VAN DER WALFemale6:40:44
Roanne VILJOENFemale6:43:52
Christille BLOMFemale6:53:41
Nicola OCTOBERFemale7:13:23
Jono BOTHAMale4:09:54
Hygon SWIEGELAARMale4:43:04
Wesley JACOBSMale5:11:57
Ashley Kulsen Male5:14:56
Danie VAN ZYLMale5:12:15
Brendon GABRIELSMale5:23:32
Ernst VAN DEN BERGMale5:24:44
Brendon GABRIELSMale5:25:01
Christo BEKKERMale5:30:20
Munetaka KIMURAMale5:34:24
Daniël BOTHAMale5:34:59
Marcel VERMEULENMale5:48:56
Thomas JACOBSMale5:55:55
Buddy DARLEWMale5:57:17
Timo ARENDSEMale6:07:43
Jacques DREYERMale6:07:59
Frikkie SAUERMANMale6:15:42
Andus DUVENAGEMale6:16:13
Anthony MEYERMale6:25:36
Christiaan WALTERSMale6:26:20
Kgopolo NKHUMISEMale6:38:31
Cameron ANLEYMale6:41:21
Brent MARTINMale6:50:58
Riaan NELMale6:51:01
Jan LOUWMale6:52:48
Ernest Edward WALKERMale6:55:33
Ivan SWARTZMale6:55:43
Grant MINNIESMale7:02:52
Quintin WILLIAMSMale7:04:14
Ettienne VAN GREUNENMale7:09:58
Jarrier ALEXANDERMale7:21:00
Darryl MATHYSMale7:22:55

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