Two Oceans Marathon – Paarl Runner Results and chat with runner Gaynore Duthie

Several of our local Paarl athletes completed ‘the world’s most beautiful marathon’, the 56km 2019 Two Oceans Marathon over the Easter Weekend.

The athletes who completed included first -timers, amateurs and novices.

Here is the list I managed to draw up wit the information provided to me by fellow runners.

Cailey BREDENKAMPFemale4:57:08
Jacolet VAN DEN BERGFemale5:12:00
Liza RETIEFFemale5:32:36
Kathy FORSSMANFemale5:42:25
Ida CALITZFemale5:53:45
Ree VAN ZYLFemale5:59:22
Henriette MANEFELDTFemale5:59:29
Sandra NELFemale6:08:13
Gaynore DUTHIEFemale6:19:00
Joan CUTHBERTFemale6:23:54
Tanja SWARTFemale6:24:04
Mariska VAN DER WALFemale6:40:44
Roanne VILJOENFemale6:43:52
Christille BLOMFemale6:53:41
Nicola OCTOBERFemale7:13:23
Jono BOTHAMale4:09:54
Hygon SWIEGELAARMale4:43:04
Wesley JACOBSMale5:11:57
Ashley Kulsen Male5:14:56
Danie VAN ZYLMale5:12:15
Brendon GABRIELSMale5:23:32
Ernst VAN DEN BERGMale5:24:44
Brendon GABRIELSMale5:25:01
Christo BEKKERMale5:30:20
Munetaka KIMURAMale5:34:24
Daniël BOTHAMale5:34:59
Marcel VERMEULENMale5:48:56
Thomas JACOBSMale5:55:55
Buddy DARLEWMale5:57:17
Timo ARENDSEMale6:07:43
Jacques DREYERMale6:07:59
Frikkie SAUERMANMale6:15:42
Andus DUVENAGEMale6:16:13
Anthony MEYERMale6:25:36
Christiaan WALTERSMale6:26:20
Kgopolo NKHUMISEMale6:38:31
Cameron ANLEYMale6:41:21
Brent MARTINMale6:50:58
Riaan NELMale6:51:01
Jan LOUWMale6:52:48
Ernest Edward WALKERMale6:55:33
Ivan SWARTZMale6:55:43
Grant MINNIESMale7:02:52
Quintin WILLIAMSMale7:04:14
Ettienne VAN GREUNENMale7:09:58
Jarrier ALEXANDERMale7:21:00
Darryl MATHYSMale7:22:55

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