If you’re a Slim Shady fan, you will know that Tupac was one of his biggest influences as a newbie on the gangster rap scene, and Eminem has rapped about this influence in several of his songs. A very heartfelt letter from Eminem to Tupac’s mom was recently posted on a social media website, and is estimated to be dated around 2008. The letter was also enclosed with a drawing-portrait Eminem did on Tupac, showing his appreciation of the role her son played in his career as an artist.

Eminem really impresses every time, and I can’t wait for the music video of his new song ‘Phenomenon’. Apparently he has been practicing his drifting skills in preparation of the making of the video, and will be showing off his car racing talents in a tuned up sports car. Have a look in a previous blog, if you want the lyric video version of ‘Phenomenon’.

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