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Die Kraal Rejuvenated
Last week Drakenstein Municipality kick-started the development of ‘Die Kraal’ (area opposite the Gemeenskap Saal, and behind the Paarl Night Shelter) with an event inviting various delegates from the Paarl area.  The history of Die Kraal goes back more than 50 years ago where various sports codes took place, and where many rugby legend’s rugby careers started. In attendance was Randy Marinus and John ‘Pompies’ Williams.  Find out more about Die Kraal in a conversation with Randy Marinus.

Read more about the occasion here:
Die Kraal Rejuvenated

Interview link: Randy Marinus Interview

Commonwealth Games
Local Paarl athletes bagged 5 medals at the 2018 Commonwealth Games held in Australia this month.
Henrich Bruintjies – Silver medals for the 100M mens, and the 4x100M mens relay;
Luvo Manyonga – Gold in the Mens long jump;
Ruswahl Samaai – Bronze in the Mens long jump; and
Clint Hendricks – Bronze in the Mens road bike race.

Paarl Millionaires
There are now 3,200 dollar millionaires living in Paarl, Franschhoek and Stellenbosch.
Paarl has seen a significant increase in dollar millionaires over the past 10 years.  This growth includes neighbouring towns Stellenbosch and Franshhoek.  Looks like the Winelands is on the up with the rich!!

Read more here – Wineland Millionaires

Burger King in Paarl
The development of the new Burger King is well underway, and it made me realise that just 2 years ago we had one Mcdonalds and one KFC.  Once this franchise is complete, Paarl boasts three KFC’s, 2 Mcdonalds, and a Burger King.  Fast food seems to be growing at quite a speed.  All we missing is a Nando’s!!  Maybe a new millionaire reading this will invest in a lemon and herb quarter chicken and peri-peri wedges franchise.

Here are a few pictures of the progress they making.  More pictures are available on the contractors in charge facebook page:  https://www.facebook.com/BHBCIVILS/


Water for the West Coast.
Helping out when in need!! National Government decided to open the water gates of the Berg River Dam, located in Franschhoek, to alleviate the distress our West Coast neighbours are facing with their water situation.  They reported that the Misverstand Dam which supplies most of the West Coast towns, Saldahna and Langebaan, with water, is in dire need of help.  Our Berg River will be transporting around 5 billion litres of water down the river, and will reach the Misverstand Dam over a few days. It was also reported that some ingenious individuals built diversion mechanisms to divert the flow of the water to allocated areas for personal use.  Its really sad to believe the stealing water is a thing…

See the video clip in the link –

However it is sad that only half of the water destined for the West Coast will actually reach its destination, for various reasons.

To find out more read this –
Water released from Berg River Dam

Movers and Shakers of Paarl
If you missed out on any of the Movers and Shakers of Paarl interviews, here is short summary of who spent some time with to give us a picture of their life journey:

  1. Zoe Kulsen, chatted to me about autism, is support of Autism Awareness Month;
  2. Keenan Bailey, gave us a picture of the life of a chef and his current role as Head Chef for the various Kikka Restaurants;
  3. Funny man, John Koopman, gave some insight into life as an standup comedian and performer, and what we can expect at his latest standup comedy show happening on the 4th May in the Old Meul Teater.
  4. Hein Poole, painted a picture of his life as a performer on stage and on camera, as well as his various capacities of a production team. – the inteview is busy uploading…


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