Paul Keursten is the Co-founder and CEO of Workshop17, an award winning flexible workspace company that designs, builds and manages co-working and innovation spaces across South Africa. 

Workshop17 operates 6 locations with over 1500 members and more than 250 companies from various backgrounds and in various professions, and is set to double in size in the coming 2 years.

Paul’s work in Workshop17 builds on the experience he gained in Maliebaan45, the first high-end, boutique co-working space in the Netherlands, with opened in 2008. In 2018, a second location opened in Driebergen. Early 2021 a third location opened in Amsterdam. In 1996, Paul co-founded Kessels & Smit, The Learning Company, an international consulting group of over 50 professionals. Key theme’s throughout Paul’s work are: learning, innovation and entrepreneurship.

I chatted to Paul about his entrepreneurial journey and how he landed up in South Africa. 

We also covered co-working space in SA, and its growth.

The conversation was informative and insightful!

For more about Workshop17, you can read up here:

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