In 2019 Drakenstein Municipality partnered with the Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI) to develop a BMX Track in Paarl where Drakenstein’s youth would be able to train at the international standard BMX track.

The construction value of the project is R700 000 and would be open to the public. BMX clubs will also use the facility, provide training to interested youngsters and it is expected to host a few competitions as well.

Criteria for the track included the use of other existing facilities surrounding the track, existing ablution facilities, lighting, security and accessibility.

I visited the BMX track opposite Medi-city recently, and took the kids along for some Sunday track biking!

Arrived at the track and I was at a loss of words!! I could not believe what I saw!

The facility is a neglected dump site!

The grass is unkept, thorns all over the track, plants growing in the middle of the track, rubbish dumped on the track and no real visible track route! It’s really a site!

I was told that the track is open to public, but wow, it’s really something to see!

It’s sad that something that could really be a reacreational space for our youth in Paarl, cannot be used!

The kids were disappointed, me too. We couldn’t try out the track, nor can anyone else, and that is really sad!

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