Take your kids to Rollercade in Cape Town

Let’s change that heading – Take your mom and dad to Rollercade in Cape Town!

Over December we popped in at Rollercade, a skating arena with a 80’s feel, 80’s vibe, and 80’s experience!

Rollercade is the 1st indoor roller-skating amusement park in Cape Town. Providing a safe and friendly environment for the entire family to enjoy roller-skating, a game of pool or just to sit back and enjoy the music. They have dedicated party areas and cater for company functions. Booking is required to join in the fun filled sessions. Roller-skating keeps you on your feet and having fun.

Rollerskates are something of the past, but this place brings back so many memories! It however provides fun for the whole family, irrespective of age – there is something for everybody!

The arena situated in the parking lot outside the Waterfront, near Battery Park.

We did the 2 hour session that was too much fun.  They have a live DJ playing 80s music, and this creates such a cool vibe, and forces you to dance while skating!  Kids have a demarcated area separate from the adult arena, and for beginners they provide assisted frames to get the feel of the roller skates.

The arena also has safety as a top priority, and provides a number of marshals who assist in the event of falling, or getting to know the basics.

They also have gaming consoles, titles that will keep you husband off the ring, and behind the joystick pad!  Titles like Double Dragon, Street Fighter and Bubble Bobble, will keep dad busy for a while.  In addition to this, they have a old school pin ball machine, a racing car setup, pool boards as well foosball!

If you frequented Paarl’s gaming centre, Fernandos, in your youth, this will bring back so many memories!

Entrance fees

Hours of operation

If you looking for fun for whole family, even more fun for mom and dad, go to Rollecade, its pretty amazing!

Here is there website: https://rollercade.co.za/

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