Take your kids to be.Up Trampoline Park


If you looking for variety, be.UP Trampoline Park in Mutual (near Old Mutual head office) will be the perfect place. Activities for all ages, from toddler play area, to adult trampoline area, this place will definitely keep the little ones busy.

Kids can enjoy various time slots in the different activity areas.  The activity of choice is of course the Clip n Climb walls.  A few 8 meter walls which requires some strength and endurance, and is no easy feat.  One wall which is some form of speed wall, which times your climb and stops once the button all the way at the top of the wall is pressed.  This is some fun parent-kid competition.

A 6-level enclosed play area cannot be missed, and is probably for the younger kids, but is guaranteed hours of fun.

The trampoline area boasts some dodge balling, and kids can jump constantly in their time slot.  There is a height limit restriction for access to the trampoline area of 120cm, but so much to do for those under the limit.

Once area that intrigued me is the suspended net obstacle area which is the first thing you see when you enter.  This area, also with a height restriction, has various hanging, balancing and climbing obstacles, which is perfect for a small office team building session, but as much fun for kids.

Hungry? This is also catered for.  Very well serviced cafe on the 2nd level, which not only has all the necessary refreshments and foods, but also gives a birds-eye view of the entire play park, as well as keeping an eye on the kids.

This park is perfect. Four play areas, good food and drinks, friendly service, and a very refreshing environment.  Certainly a good experience and worth the visit.

be.UP Park offers 3 general categories of tickets:
1 – be.JUNIOR R90 (1 hour exploring our huge kids’ maze – over 3 years old)
2 – be.GIANT R130 for every body taller than 120cm (1 hour including Trampoline, AltiGame & Kids maze)
3 – be.CLIMBING R85 (30 min.Clip ‘n Climb Challenges – over 3 years old)

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