Hello again!

Being a born and bred Paarlite, I thought it would be a good idea to mention a few of my favourite things in Paarl.

Breakfast – You know the saying – ‘a way to a man’s’ heart is through his stomach’ – if there is ever such a saying, but I think it is applicable to me. I love food, especially good food. I came across this gem of a breakfast called the Monument Breakfast at the Taal Monument. It ticks all the boxes of a perfect brekkie, and it tastes like a real plaas ontbyt. My favourite thing about this breakfast is the environment you enjoy it in. Breathtaking views of the Paarl Valley, and sometimes Table Mountain, on a crisp and fresh air Saturday or Sunday morning. The perfect setting! To add to this, the kids are also occupied with the outdoor jungle gym and play area. Good food, perfect setting, breathtaking views, relaxing environment and reasonably priced, nothing better.

Staying on my food path, my favourite pizza and hamburger den, Primi Piatti. There are a few food franchise outlets where you order something and you get the same taste, at any outlet, every time. Primi Piatti, is one of them. Also, except for the delicious food, the environment, views and setting, gives the perfect experience.

My favourite red meat restaurant, Hussar’s Grill. Perfect everytime.

My favourite seafood. Like Primi Piatti, Ocean Basket is the same.  Their food always delivers, no matter which outlet you visit. And dont forget about that mussels sauce, makes me want to eat their food for days.

As someone who tries to get in the odd physical exercise over the weekend, I traditionally choose to run along the main road between Paarl Boys’ High and the N1, especially early morning before the smell of exhaust pipe fumes takes over the air. This run is refreshing and invigorating, and I am amazed everytime I do it, how many fellow Paarlites are doing the same. If ever there was a peak time for humans on our roads it will definitely be this time of the day on a weekend.

Moutain biking is also one of favourite hobbies, and going up Paarl Mountain, this of course also in the early morning, is one of my favourite things to do over a weekend. However, coming down the mountain is where I get my thrill, all 30 seconds of it. Adrenaline pumping exercise, and a lot of fun.

Being a pet owner, having a good relationship with a vet is very important. The vet that really stands out above the rest is the Lilliesleaf Kennels. They have a vet on site, kennels on site and a small shop that basically sells everything you need for your pet.

There are quite a few other things that make me love this town. I will let you know about them in a follow up blog.

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